Augustine Igwebuike

Graphics Designer/ Videographer/Drone Pilot

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Graphics Designer/Videographer/Drone Pilot

Augustine Igwebuike

Hello! My name is Austin, and I am a graphic designer/videographer/drone pilot who  is passionate about art and creative problem solving. I strive to create designs that are both meaningful and visually appealing, and I enjoy working with clients to help them bring their ideas to life.

In my free time, I enjoy reading, playing the instruments and singing. I really value honesty, so I work towards being honest and transparent with people.

My core value of honesty is evident in both my professional and personal life. I believe in open and transparent communication, and I find it builds trust and fosters strong relationships. This also translates into my design work, where I strive to clearly understand my client’s needs and translate them into visuals that effectively communicate their message.

Speaking of communication, there’s nothing quite like sharing a delicious meal to connect with people. And when it comes to food, my heart belongs to jollof rice. That vibrant red color, the depth of flavor – it’s a true comfort food for me. I simply can’t resist a steaming plate of it.

Beyond personal projects, I’m also passionate about giving back to the design community. I love volunteering my skills for causes I care about, and I’m always open to collaborating with other creatives. I believe there’s so much to learn from each other, and teamwork can lead to some truly innovative design solutions.

On a more personal note, I’m always up for trying new things. Whether it’s exploring a new art form, learning a new language, or traveling to a new destination, I’m constantly seeking ways to expand my horizons. I believe this openness to new experiences not only keeps life interesting but also helps me approach design challenges with a fresh perspective.

My favorite food is jollof rice – I just can’t say no to a plate of delicious hot jollof rice.

Favorite quote: Life is based on belief